Local MMA Gyms, Coaching, Gyms and Martial Arts Workouts Nearby in West Kazakhstan

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Country is Kazakhstan (KZ):

Region is: West Kazakhstan

Cities are:  Aida Akbulak Akchi Akmola Aksay Aksuat Akzhaik Alimbek Amangeldi Ankati Aqtau Aulet Baldyrgan Beket Bektas Berlik Bogdanovka Bolat Bulak Bulat Burlin Chapayev Chingirlau Egindik Enbek Enbekshi Fedorovka Furmanov Ivanov K Kamenka Kamysty Karachaganak Karaganda Karagandy Karagay Karasay Karatobe Kartashdv Kaztalovka Khar'kovalkovka Konyr Kopa Korgan Kozhevnikov Kumek Kushum Lubenka Martynov Morozov Mukashev Olenty Oral Orda Orlov Peremetnoe Petrovo Pravda Pyatimar Rubezhka Sary Saule Serik Shalkar Sultan Talap Talovka Trekin Uspenka Zelenovski Zhosaly ZhSnibek Zhuldyz

Latitude: 50.2147945205479 Longitude: 50.8717808219178